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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Spirit Hamaski26/Other/Canada Groups :iconpainttoolsai-artist: PaintToolSai-Artist
SAI Artist United
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AIM: SpiritSnowMew
Skype: spiritwwolf.

♥My Familia♥

Another Alt Account :iconwildwolfspirits: For Photo-snap of landscape :P

Mate: :iconspiritwwolf::iconhexidimentional: <3

Sibling(s): :iconnekomania001::iconzhaur::iconlykainion-nastusia::iconnoekh::iconsilitha:

My Friend(s): :iconthekarelia::iconmischin::iconakiralios::iconfifthpegasus:

My Idol Artists ~Wish to met them~

About Spirit

Spirit and noekh picture frame by Noekh

♥About Me♥

Spirit Hamaski | Herm | Married
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art


Well I am Therian/Anthro as only In my heart and act like as one of those :3 so Dont worried about it... I will never hate you if you are furry... YOU STILL WELCOME TO MY world

I am full time Freelance Artist as well. so You can see entire my Albums of arts and Some commission I doing as take orders from here or Anywhere site I could funds up for new equipment to use for New idea of arts . Happily Taken by Hexi Hamaski Stole my heart for everything I treasured a lot. Feel free Message me about anything and I could Reply back with answers you asks Questions, I'm Opened MIND person as Fear to ask any question; don't ask any question relate to furry fandom.

♥About Me♥

Favorite visual artist
Goldenwolf | Darknatasha | khaosdog

Favorite movies
Balto | Final Fastany VII: ADVENT CHILDREN

Favorite TV shows
Attack on Titan

Favorite books
Harry Potter Series | The Mortal Insturments Series | The Infernal Devices.

Favorite games
Sypro | Crash | Oamki | The Legend of Zelda

Favorite gaming platform
xbox 360 | PlayStation3| PSP | PC

Tools of the Trade
Tablet | Pen | My creative mind

Other Interests
Japanese culture | Wolf | Dragonwolf | Dragon | Wildness animal | Pets | My CIS Partner | drawing



Sorry, I will come back to here when I have a lot CLEAN arts :c I've been receiving alto NSFW Arts commission so they in another site, You can find me at… and… (those are allowed me upload NSFW without reported)

Repost from FurAffinity for updates

Mon Mar 31, 2014, 1:28 PM

♦ Check me out ♦
My gallary | FurAffinity | Her LJ | Her Tumblr | Facebook | Watch me | Commission Me | Commission TOS

♦ Fan FB page ♦
Silent Moon

LiveStream | JustinTv

♦ My Que ♦

I been work my butt off so hard to getting things done so I can go back track for this Webcomic. ANYONE feel to help this out or spread it out. Also COMMISSION is open as much as I could get max 10 slot but always getting 3-4 out of 10. ANYONE interesting to commission me or want buy some pre pose along my species /Naois'Kali/ As colors your fursona's pallets and traits you want to own Naois'Kali so Make a offer when I set up range on each prepose? Any thoughts?

YCH is going on so here a link Win to have fun with Recca at Night? YCH auction

hexidimentional and I decided to doing Web-comics together as Collab. But There donation rules based of our idea.

Donate Pool

$1 : become our enemy
$20 : become character in 1-2 page
$50 : become character in few page and reappear in other chapter when we will need.
$100+ : become our Long term character in all comic pages.

Check out on Hexi's Journal (Original Post)

Spirit and i are starting a comic, we're accepting donation cameos, donation amount decides how long your character lasts... 1$ pretty much ensures i use you as an enemy who gets blasted for example :D

i'm writing and she's artist for it so look forward to that

here a bit of the forward that will be pasted into each comic 

Summary of itself Story
"In a near future, end of world HK class scenario, with the majority of society and civilization wiped out by nuclear war. Technology from the past exists however and continues to progress and develop despite the disaster. Because of the radioactivity and war, mutated creatures roam the planet and due to the highly violent nature of the conflict rifts in space time have opened and so beings from other times/planes also inhabit the world. A small group of people exist in this world and these are their stories."

PLEASE spread it around or donating to this. NOTE me for Paypal address as don't mark it as donation/other.


---- 100 Sketch for $5 ----
~List of Pokemon~(keep update new pokemon)



Her Currently Doing

Saving up for new computer



Daisypath Anniversary tickers


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In the spirit of democracy, I'm holding an election for my group to find Cheetara a groom for her up coming wedding. the candidates are Tygra and Lion-O. Please spread the word, and please cast your vote. Hope to see your vote. Thank you for your time.
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happy birthday
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Look in my gallery :3 i drew something
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:D Who did drew that!.. I still need finish my Queue! then I can focus on yours ;^; your must be ADORABLE!
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